About us

John Kopilow of Legal Document Professionals & Notary Service is committed to providing you timely & cost effective solutions

  • John Kopilow holds a paralegal certificate and has owned Legal Document Professionals & Notary Service since 2011. His journey to becoming a committed Legal Document Assistant began with his experiences as an executor and a small claims lawsuit.
  • John served as executor of his parent’s estate which was done incompetently and caused him much stress and grief. Following that experience, while a small business owner, he had to take a client to small claims court for non-payment of fees. After winning his case he faced the difficulty of collecting the judgment. This led him to enlist the help of a Judgment Recovery professional and he eventually took a course in this area and opened up his own business where he successfully satisfied judgments for creditors.
  • During the economic crisis, the Judgment Recovery business became increasingly difficult. This is when John decided to apply his past experiences as an executor and small legal business owner and created Legal Document Professionals & Notary Service.

His passion is helping you to find the most streamlined and cost-effective solution to your situation. He has been in your place and understands the complex mix of emotions that come with it. Some situations require the help of an attorney and John works with a top notch team of attorneys and tax professionals to provide you with peace of mind.