Legal Document Professionals & Notary Service is committed to providing you timely & cost effective solutions in the areas of:

*A $100-150.00 fee applies to any rush service

Living trust Will preparation Napa Sonoma California
Simple Living Trusts
We provide you with a detailed living trust; pour over will, health care and financial powers of attorney, certification of trust; HIPPA authorization and preparation, notarization and recording of one deed and an organizer for easy access. Our fee of $920.00 for a single person and $1,120.00 for a couple includes notarization and recording fees. $150.00 fee applies to rush services
Deed Preparation notarization Napa Sonoma California

Deed Preparation

We will prepare; complete and record your deed for you. Our fee will is $220.00. This includes notarization and recording fees. County transfer taxes not included. $100.00 fee applies to rush services

Marriage/Domestic Partnership Dissolutions Divorce Napa Sonoma CA

Marriage/Domestic Partnership Dissolutions & Legal Separations

We have two levels of service that we offer:

1)$300.00 flat fee Document Preparation only-We will only prepare all necessary documents from filing to case conclusion. You will be responsible for all filings and process of service.

2)$800.00 all included-We will do all document preparation; process of service; filing and notarization from beginning to conclusion. (filing fee not included)


-We prepare and file all documents from initial petition to petition for distribution for a flat $5000. This includes all newspaper publication and mailing expenses. Payment is upfront and we do prorate if you have already begun the process. 


-Includes preparation of a demand letter and complaint. This also includes mailing of demand letter and filing of complaint and proof of service for $150.00. Does not include filing feesor process of service